From The Desk of President

Nagen Chandra Human Development Foundation

Hello Everyone, 

      My name is Apurba Sikdar and as a president of this organization I welcome you to this unique conglomerate which aims to provide and produce standard thinking and independent initiative in case of social development and upliftment. With standardize objective set for our rural and urban areas we are taking baby steps in the way to prosperity and actualize our goal, which is providing needy people with facilities, assistance, awareness  and our social workers with job.
     To start with the issues in hand I must say that i believe every problem comes with an opportunity. Let's face it, we  failed to make a good society. We failed to elevate poverty,mostly rural poverty,  we failed to make sure that everyone gets the same opportunity, we failed to reduce differences on the basis of caste, class and religion. We failed to feed everyone despite of having one of the best agricultural backbone in the world, we failed to make education for everyone despite of having a greater cultural heritage. I can go all day stating our failures and sure it sounds negative because it is. But we can turn this apathy and negativity into success only if you start trying to make things better around yourself cause those issues reflect opportunity. Now what is the nature of these opportunity?  That means your job is to fill the gap left by others. Isn't that exciting? So with this in mind we  took this initiative back in 2004-2005 and want your help. Let's get this straight we can't do this without you or your help. Like everyone who have their position in society we believe our job is to give back what is taken. That is why if you feel the same kindly help us either with your service, support or fund and help others to achieve their empowerment.

Thanks to All

Apurba Sikdar