About The Founder

Nagen Chandra Human Development Foundation

The founder was none but the head of a lower middle class family earning his bread from cultivation but the sole bearer of culture. He had his acquaintances with every walk of society being the father of five children. He set out small business for the improvement of cultivation to increase his income. He had a keen supervision for the education of the siblings. He was an affectionate father but outwardly he was a made of stern personality. Attentiveness ,Perseverance ,firmness & stern steps ware his characteristic virtues. He donated land for the organization ,"Nagen Chandra Human Development Foundation " & the magazine , "Suptimochan" according to the advice of the eldest son Jyotish Chandra Biswas.He will be an idol forever in our hearts for his noble scarify. He was no more with us but his contribution will last for the days to come.